The End of This Vapor Road!


The TOBACCO MASTER came from 35 years of thinking about, experimenting with, and building ways NOT TO SMOKE. Shown above are three Tobacco Master models: TM-505 (left), TM-705, and the TM-1105 in its mahogany housing. Wonderfully portable. Bob has used them all around North America, i.e., the contiguous 48, restaurants in major cities, subways, airports, everywhere. The is no odor, none at all. These units use the same temperature-control circuits and battery types. Hours of use from a single charge. They are NOT FOR SALE! -- at least not for less than A LOT! and a willingness to learn directly from Bob how to use one of these amazing babies and maintain it.

I am grateful to everyone who has bought my machines over the years and for all the support and encouragement that has kept me going on this project that has been enormously rewarding even if never in any financial sense. I am especially grateful to Dennis V. for driving the Tobacco Master project.