Close-Up Views of Pneuma


Some people say that the name 'Pneuma' is ugly, evoking images of disease and tires. Wikipedia says of 'Pneuma' that it refers to "the element from which all else originated." It also refers to the ancient air that has always blown over the land and the mountains and rivers; it is as invisible and immaterial as the ancient spirits and gods of the earth who blew life into us beings of the humus. Pneuma is the spirit of the world, the dynamic agent of the sun and the earth. (Click on picture for a larger view.)


New lathe, good mahogany. Note the test model in at lower right: It has an internal power controller (the control knob is out of view, in back). Been making test models, including new stem designs including variable inlet for inflow of cooling air. Copper, brass and mahogany. About one unit each week comes into the world.


Pneuma, with stem and stem tray, and 'reclamation unit' for spent tobacco. All of mahogany. Twelve-volt AC/DC operation. The stem holds four times as much as stems of the ancestral vaporizers. Pneumas can be made in high-temperature versions, with a temperature controller.


Schematic view, showing how the stem engages the brass air heater.




Last Updated: July 2009