Flash Evaporator Diagrams, Showing Method of Use


The Flash Evaporator consists of four parts.

1. The mahogany hand-held heater is 2 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. A green light-emitting diode on the base turns ON when the mahogany heater assembly is seated on the brass base and receiving power. (The user removes the heater from the base when using it, making it is totally portable.)

2. The brass base supplies electricity to the mahogany heater. Electrical contacts in the brass base are energized by a 13-volt wall-plug transformer.



3. The stem is made of mahogany; its brass tip holds a small amount of material such as tobacco, from which natural plant compounds get evaporated into an inhalable airstream.

4. A brass holder for the stem (not shown) keeps the stem from rolling off of tables or desks.




A super-bright green LED in the base indicates the mahogany heater is receiving electric power. The mahogany heater assembly is turned ON or OFF by rotating the heater's position on the brass base. A brass "hot receptacle," suspended inside the heater, can store enough heat to allow the user to walk around while inhaling, free of wires or tubes.


The stem is inserted into the brass "hot receptacle" suspended inside the mahogany heater. When the user inhales through the stem, air passes through the hot receptacle and gets heated before it percolates through chopped tobacco in the tip of the stem. The tobacco gets uniformly and rapidly heated, thereby evaporating natural plant compounds into an inhalable airstream.




Insert the Stem in the Heater, then Inhale


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