Detail Views of the Flash Evaporator


Being tested in the shop, 100-hour 'burn in': The hand-held mahogany air heater is on its brass base, with stem shown in a brass holder, and, on the right, a Reclamation Unit. All cut from the same piece of wood. The blue LED on the base indicates that the detachable hand-held unit is receiving power. Click on the picture for a larger view.


The detachable, hand-held air heater, shown receiving a loaded stem. (During use, the heater is lifted from the base, giving complete freedom to move about.)


The hand-held air heater can be turned ON or OFF by rotating its position on the brass base. The GREEN LED indicates that the air heater is turned OFF. The BLUE LED shows that the air heater is ON, and if it has been ON for at least 10 minutes, then it is ready for use. The Flash Evaporator is designed to be left ON indefinitely.


The brass stem holder also works as a heat sink, for rapid cooling of the stem's tip. A brass pick, for removing used stuff (which sometimes gets lodged in the stem's tip), comes with the brass stem holder.


This is pretty much how people hold the air heater and stem when they use the Flash Evaporator. Unlike the original Flash Evaporator design, the stem of the new FE does not plug into the heat-storing body in the air heater; the new design requires two hands, but it provides must improved efficiency of extraction, and a larger amount of tobacco can be used.


A Flash Evaporator is shown here with a Reclamation Unit and two types of stem holders. Brass stem holders are standard with Flash Evaporators that are made with the current supply of Honduran mahogany. Wood stem holders are provided with other Flash Evaporators and with the Pneuma units. These new stem holders, unlike the previously offered stem trays, hold the stem vertically so that partially extracted tobacco does not spill out.


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Last Updated: July 2009